Top 10 Office Design Trends for 2023!

Top 10 Office Design Trends for 2023!

Mar 21 . 3 min read

Top 10 Office Design Trends

in 2023

by Furnic Concept

The pandemic fast-tracked the shift towards remote work, and the Great Resignation gave employees more power to demand flexible work options.As a result, the definition of an office has been redefined and designers must rethink workspaces. While there is no common theme for this year’s trends, designers should be ready to offer unique ideas that match the wants and needs of their clients in 2023.

Here are 10 office design trends to inspire the process:

1. See it to beLEAF it

Nature is the ultimate stress buster, and incorporating natural elements in the office is a great way to boost productivity and well-being.In 2023, expect to see more “biophilic design” which means more plants, green walls, and even indoor water features in the workplace. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a few office hammocks for those much-needed power naps!

2. The Rise of Co-Working Spaces

Gone are the days of boring cubicles and segregated workspaces. There’ll be more co-working spaces that encourage collaboration and flexibility. From modular furniture to shared workstations, the office of the future is all about creating a dynamic and inclusive work environment.

3. Bold and Bright Colors

In the good ol’ days before the pandemic, offices were about as exciting as watching paint dry. And speaking of paint, they were all about that boring old grey shade.But now, offices need to have a bit of personality and pizzazz. So, instead of being as dull as dishwater, offices are now all about using natural colours that bring some life and energy to the space. Think sandstone pink, light green, beige, or light brown – with maybe even a pop of blue or cobalt for some extra oomph!

4. The Smart Office (A Work of Smart)

Enter the “smart office” – a concept that merges technology, data, and office design to create the ultimate workplace experience. We’re talking about heating and cooling systems that automatically adjust based on occupancy rates, lighting systems that sync with your workspace layout, and even security cameras and access points that are all connected. For business owners, this means lower energy costs and an opportunity to show off their tech-savvy side. And for employees, it’s a safer, more comfortable place to work. Who says the future isn’t bright?

5. Rustic Office

We know rustic cafes, and rustic homes but rustic offices?

We can certainly say wood is taking over the office design scene! Not only does it add some much-needed contrast to the cold, clinical look of computers and other work tools, but it also brings a touch of warmth, comfort, and cosiness to any space.

Imagine gorgeous wood-stained desktops, elegant hardwood flooring, stylish wooden-based furniture, and even decorative wood elements on the walls.

6. Non-Traditional Workstations

Traditional desks and chairs will be a thing of the past. From standing desks to treadmill workstations, the office of the future is all about movement and variety. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see some office swings for those who want to let their inner child out!

7. Personalization

The office of the future is all about personalisation. From customized workstations to personalized artwork, employees will have the freedom to make their workspace their own.Who knows, maybe we’ll even see some employees bringing in their own couches and potted plants to really make the space their own!

8. What brings you to office: “business” or “leisure”?

One trend we’re seeing this year is to devote that extra space to leisure through remodeled fitness centers, yoga studios, game rooms, dining halls and mediation areas.The workplace of the future will prioritize employee health and well-being. Who knows, maybe we will even see some companies offering on-site massages and acupuncture!

9. Sustainability

In the office of the future, sustainability will be key. From energy-efficient lighting to eco-friendly materials, companies will prioritize reducing their carbon footprint and promoting environmental responsibility. Don’t be surprised if we see some offices powered entirely by solar panels and wind turbines!

10. Fun and Games

Happy Hour FREE flow beer? Yes, please! The future of work is work and play. Imagine a space where employees can unwind and have fun from foosball tables to arcade games and on-site free beer to destress and karaoke nights. This will not completely remove Monday blues or Sunday sads but certainly can make showing up at work on Monday mornings more pleasant for many!
Biophilic design and playful elements are taking centre stage, creating a workspace that’s dynamic and energizing. Get ready for an inclusive and engaging office environment that focuses on boosting employee well-being and creativity. It’s time to ditch the drab and embrace the daring because the future of office design is going to be a wild ride!

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